The Kings School Partnerships

Mr Shaha’s Recipes For Wonder

We were delighted to collaborate with the The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge on the first Saturday in Febraury to bring Alom Shaha to Canterbury to run a science workshop for families.

Alom is a secondary science teacher as well as an author and his book, Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder, is packed full of ideas to show parents how to be their child’s first science teacher.

He began his workshop with some exciting demonstrations including orange-peel sparklers and levitating candles, encouraging the children to ask questions behind the science.

The families then had a go at making balloon-powered cars, mini-helicopters and paper bangers, all assisted by volunteer students from The King’s School.

The students gained a lot from helping out and were clearly a big help: “The volunteers made our practical experience a lot smoother as I had 3 children to support. Thanks to everyone!” said one parent.

When asked what was his favourite part of the workshop, one parent answered “Seeing the big smiles on my children’s faces! Pure joy!”

Head of Partnerships Christina Astin said she looked forward to many more fruitful collaborations between the King’s School and The Beaney Museum.