The Kings School Partnerships

Lab kit for loan – new scheme announced

King’s has teamed up with school equipment suppliers to provide a ‘library’ of science kit for loan to state schools.  Kit will be available to borrow free of charge by schools who sign up to the scheme and attend a training session, provisionally calendared for Wednesday 5th June 2-4pm.

The library consists of equipment needed for the GCSE required practicals in physics, but will be added to over time.

Schools interested in being part of the scheme should contact us, giving their school name together with a teacher/technician contact name and email address.  Suppliers or sponsors keen to support the scheme please get in touch!

Items available 2019 (more to follow)
1. Mini-ripple tank
2. Web camera
3. Vibration generator & box of accessories
4. I-R thermometer
5. 10 multimeters
6. Signal generator
7. Demo centre-zero microvoltmeter
8. 10 digital thermometers
9. Quality Connecting leads
10. 2 Motion data loggers Bee-Spi-V