The Kings School Partnerships

Protecting our NHS colleagues – a plea for help!

We all applauded the NHS last night but are busy trying to help in a small but practical way too: making face masks to help protect them from Covid-19.  These are desperately needed by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, care home workers and many more.

Our Head of DT, Matthew Rolison, has adapted a design shared by another school; the prototype has been assessed by senior staff at Canterbury’s Kent and Canterbury Hospital.  We hope to have 75 manufactured by next week to protect front-line staff, all of whom are now required to wear full face protection, whether or not they are treating patients with the virus.

King’s has reached out to partner schools with 3D printer facilities to help with this effort and to coordinate the response.  The printer files and assembly instructions are below.   Anyone able to help is asked to contact Head of Partnerships Christina Astin:  Thank you so much.

We have been making 3D printed headbands with PET face shields (please email us for the files that Matthew has adapted):

Link to Prusa Printers re their face shield design:

Link for the STL print files:

Here is a link to a lasercut version –