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Careers after King’s: Alternative Choices – Ranulph Tees

KSC Talks & Events
Wednesday 10 March
7:45pm - 8:45pm

Ranulph left King’s dead-set on becoming a journalist. During a gap-year he interned at The Economist newspaper and Insight TWI, producing documentaries for Al Jazeera and Chanel 4. After reading Economics at UCL, he then worked in Investment Banking at JPMorgan. Realising this was also not the career for him, he took an MSc at Oxford alongside teaching at an independent school, before finally deciding to set up his own business.

Three years on and his tutoring agency, Cavendish Milton, now works with over 40 tutors delivering thousands of hours of tutoring each year.

In his talk, Ranulph will share the advice that he was given from leading mentors in the fields of journalism, finance and education. He will highlight the challenges he’s faced (from 100 refutations from investment banks to a failed business venture), the pitfalls and potentials to consider when making career choices, and what he wishes he’d have known aged 18.

He hopes the talk will be useful to those soon-to-leave King’s as well as those recently-left on helping them decide what route to take and the alternative ways to go about it.

This talk is open to local sixth form students and staff. Please use the Book Now button to sign up using your school email address.

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