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Ecotourism in Africa and Madagascar

KSC Talks & Events
Monday 11 February
6:30pm - 8:00pm
Gateway Chamber

Dr Clive Nuttman will be delivering a talk on ecotourism in Africa and Madegascar. Dr Nuttman is a biologist working as a freelance environmental educator with many years experience working with people of all ages and backgrounds, from primary school children to  work with a FTSE 100 company. His academic career includes teaching through lectures, seminars and practical work, as well as presenting scientific research to peers.

Dr Nuttman’s research embraces work in tropical and temperate ecosystems, having undertaken studies in rainforests (Costa Rica, Ghana), savannah (Kenya), Mediterranean (Greece, Israel), and desert (Egypt) biomes. From 2004 to 2015 he worked at Cambridge University, organising and teaching on 34 scientific field training courses for international graduate students in Borneo, Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania and Uganda.

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